It's time to shape the future together!

Join us in a GCC online 'ideas for the future' hackathon.


#GCCvsVIRUS is about connecting civil society, innovators, partners and investors across the GCC in order to develop innovative solutions for coronavirus-related challenges.

Unity for the common good across borders and generations. Let’s digitally open our GCC borders!  #GCCvsVIRUS



All challenges will be open to address a range of initiatives. For all challenges, please feel free to be creative in identifying solutions.




  • Identify funding short-fall, cash-flow resources, funding sources/options.

  • Find technology solutions to overcome constraints on the business.

  • Marketing outreach through networking and group exposure for product/service offering.

  • Administration support and remote work obstacles.

  • Other logistic, insurance needs and/or shortcomings, find solutions/ideas.


Social Distancing and Isolation

  • Mental and spiritual well-being along with Health, physical exercise and nutrition and insurance.

  • Combat fake news and connect access the right communications channels.

  • Entertainment access to technology, affordability and location, streaming and social media.

  • Connecting with volunteers and support groups.

  • Disadvantaged access to food, medical support, funding, technology, and education.



  • Determined ones access to technology.

  • Disabled locating those in need and access to communication, health and medical tools.

  • Elders education and access to technology.

  • Students & Teachers access to remote and online education, applications and educational resources (bi-lingual).

  • Connecting with volunteers and support groups.


How you can help?


We welcome developers, designers, creative minds and all problem solvers with expertise in Technology, Business, Remote Work, Remote Study, Social Cohesion, Entertainment and Communication.


We seek experts in the areas of Design, Education, Technology, Business, Remote Work, Remote Study, Social Cohesion, Entertainment and Communication and other areas who support the problem solvers with their inside view and experience. In addition, we seek team coordinators who organize the teams during the hackathon.


we welcome and appreciate your contributions to the hackathon and its participants.   We will need both Supporters and Partners expertise for Awards and Judging Panel as well.

REGISTER AS: [Civil Society, University/School, Corporate, SME/Start-Up, Public Authority]